Fantasy Favorites

Since I focused more on horror for October (for obvious reasons), I wanted to lean towards sci-fi and fantasy in November. Let’s start with some of my all time favorite fantasy books and movies!


The Golden Compass (aka Northern Lights)

I just recently read His Dark Materials and while I have some opinions  on The Amber Spyglass, I really loved The Golden Compass. Despite the end of the trilogy I think the first book stands on its own. The second book was also enjoyable, but was more dependent on the third one working. 

Harry Potter 

The great phenomenon of my childhood. I remember getting the first book and really being able to relate to the characters since I was just a couple of years older. It was special to kinda grow up with them for the first four books.

I feel like I need to reread the series to pick my favorite book. I love the latter movies the most, my favorite being The Half Blood Prince (we’re a small but mighty group ;D). 

The Magicians 

The whole series was wonderful and perfectly dark. The first book really did a number on me. I think there’s a lot of kids who grew up reading Narina and Harry Potter and wishing so desperately that they could have that magical life. The protagonist Quentin gets all of this and still isn’t satisfied. 

The Magicians is just a great story about the horror of getting what you want.

A Monster Calls 

I cried while I read this book and then I sobbed in the theater. I think at the core is an important message (for adults and older kids) about the complexities of emotions, especially when someone close to you is dying. 


I know technically this graphic novel series is ongoing but it’s the fantasy I’m living for right now. My dark little soul is just eating it all up! The art style is gorgeous and some of the best I’ve seen in a graphic novel.  

The Wizard of Oz 

This is the original for me. I was a little kid when my grandmother got me this book and I still own that copy. My love for fantasy and far away worlds started here. The movie is a great adaptation, the book was just an important touchstone in my life. 



All you have to say is ‘You remind me of the babe’ and I’m singin’ you a whole number. I watched Labyrinth so many times I drove my parents crazy. Ten year old me was in love. And not just with David Bowie, but with this cool world that I wanted to inhabit. 

Lord of the Rings 

My thirteen self walked into Fellowship of the Ring not ready. I spent most of the movie confused but delighted and taken in by the characters. For the next two movies I was in line on opening day, hours ahead of the showing to make sure I got a great seat!

Princess Bride 

I don’t know what to say about such a beloved movie other than it deserves all the adoration. I saw Princess Bride probably when I was 8 or 9 and I didn’t know what to make of it at first. The story and humor were just so different from other movies I have seen. Every viewing since I fall in love more with how brilliantly everything came together.

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