My Favorite Ten Films of 2019

With this I can finally saw farewell to 2019. Here’s my favorite movies from this past year:  10 Hail Satan? This documentary about the Satanic Temple made it on my list because this is the info that everyone should know, but doesn’t. Most are confused by the name and think Satanists are devil worshippers (I […]

Horror Highlights of 2019

I’m excitedly working away, putting together all of my ‘best of’ lists for the year, but something is… missing. Ten isn’t enough! I wanted to give some extra love to all the amazing Horror and Sci-Fi/Fantasy media I consumed this year. Since today is Friday the 13th it’s obvious that today is made for horror! […]

Fantasy Favorites

Since I focused more on horror for October (for obvious reasons), I wanted to lean towards sci-fi and fantasy in November. Let’s start with some of my all time favorite fantasy books and movies! Books The Golden Compass (aka Northern Lights) I just recently read His Dark Materials and while I have some opinions  on […]